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A source of information about things that reason says could not possibly exist that anyone can edit!

The Unsolved Mysteries of the EarthEdit

My page is all about the unknown, things since the dawn of time that could not possibly exist and yet are seen by reliable witnesses, often many times over the course of history. Cryptids, ghosts, UFOs, unsolved disappearances and murders and Conspiracy theories are all here for your enjoyment and investigation and I hope that you too can provide some such content.

Now also has a cult horror movie section to broaden things out a bit.

Joining UpEdit

Become a member of this wiki to spread your own bizarre tales of horror from reputable sources. We badly need more editors for this site so don't be shy. Remember- if you've already found us on the net in the first place you must be an insomniac and therefore have lots of time up your sleeves. Why not spread that time by documenting the Bizarre today?

Latest activityEdit

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