Male human, often of swarthy or foreign appearance wearing a dark suit and sunglasses. Sometimes also seen with black sedans, often a 1947 model Buick or Cadillac. See confused over everyday items, use outdated slang, have odd, often threaten manors and seem to know details about the victim beforehand. They have also been described as being "mechanical" and robot-like. They often claim to belong either to the CIA or US Airforce but when questioned cannot produce credentials.

Period ActiveEdit


Most active during the 1950s and 60s


Worldwide, predominantly USA. Seen around Point Pleasant Virginia during the Mothman incident in the late 1960s.


Albert K Bender


1947- Harold Dahl, a fisherman who had witnessed a piece of UFO supposedly fall from the sky and crush his dog in the infamous (and hoax-like) Maury Island incident, is approached by swarthy foreigners in 1947 Cadillacs and wearing dark suits. They would often limit themselves to telephone calls and other low level harrassment in order to silence him.

1953- A typical sighting was made by Albert K Bender, an early UFOlogist who had set up the International Flying Saucer Bureau in 1952. A year later Bender was met by three men in black had imparted to him the secret over the UFOs and sworn him to silence, ordering him to close down his investigations. Bender's MIB were sinister men in black suits and hats with dark faces, who made his life "a nightmare"

Why is it so?Edit

  • Actual US government agents enforcing silence.
  • Pranksters
  • People lying about such encounters to embellish UFO stories
  • Androids created by the "Silence Group" or aliens
  • Aliens


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