The Loveland Frog

An Artist's Impression of the Creature


Crytid humanoid, green, wrinkled skin, wide lipless mouths

Period ActiveEdit


Only reliable sighting in 1955, sporadic reports up to today


In May 1955 a businessman saw the beings under a bridge near Loveland Ohio. There were several of them and one of them held a device that sparked at the ends shaped like a bar. A strong odour of alfalfa and almonds was noted soon after.

There was an aditional sighting in 1972 which was revealed to be a hoax involving an actual escaped pet lizard and not a humanoid of the type described above.


Loveland, Ohio, USA

Why is it so?Edit

  • A man in a diving suit?
  • An actual cryptid?
  • An overactive imagionation?
  • An apparation of unknown origin
  • A hoax?


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